Skins Tri400 Compression Men's Sleeveless Suit with Front Zip

Skins Tri400 Compression Men's Sleeveless Suit with Front Zip

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Colour: Black/yellow
Season: spring/summer

The Triathlon is one of mankind's greatest endurance tests. With the trinity of swimming, cycling and running, both body and mind are pushed to their limits, demanding a supremely tough athlete - and an equally enduring garment. If you prefer a two-piece racing suit over a full-length suit, the Compression Tri Short is engineered to give you a competitive advantage on the run, ride and the swim. The new Skins TRI400 series is cut for comfort while swimming, cycling and running and are the only high performance triathlon apparel to use in-motion measurement to define the correct levels of compression on the right muscles, just when you need it. Strategically placed panels of heat-treated Toray fabric, with a sleek surface texture, minimise drag and aid performance on the swim. A Memory MX Triweb panel down the spine and around the obliques helps prove unrestricted movement. At the centre of triathlon performance is the chamois, ideal for performance on the ride. This garment features a triathlon-specific Elastic Interface Technology men's chamois that's the result of thousands of hours of engineering and testing. Last but no least, carbon-infused fabric on the inside of the leg of the suit and shorts means 40% less friction as you run, for enhanced comfort and performance. Full coverage of the thigh muscles provides support to help improve endurance in the final stage of the race, to get you there first and ready to go again. Additional Features:*High density foam provides maximum protection with a slim profile*All-way stretch fabric platform guarantees total freedom of movement *Non-absorbent foam adapts to the bike immediately after the swim leg*Textured surface allows for optimum moisture transfer and comfort.

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SKINS has pioneered engineered gradient compression (found in A200 products) and dynamic gradient engineering (found in A400 products), following years of research. When you apply compression to specific body parts in a balanced and accurate way, it accelerates blood flow. This gets more oxygen to your working muscles – and boosts your performance.

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